Teamtraining Hund & Mensch (Human & Dog) – Isabelle Jacobs

The Teamtraining Hund & Mensch of the Dog School Jacobs in Sankt Augustin is a specially developed dog training which, according to the recent perceptions of animal psychology, is based on two main pillars – motivation and consequence.

Although all dogs are different not only from their looks but especially their personality, they have one thing in common: a natural desire to have clear structures und boundaries in their social surrounding. If that is given they can lead a relaxed and happy life in their human surrounding.

The Teamtraining Hund & Mensch is, supported by different methods of behavioral science, based on a positive reinforcement of the desired behavior from the dog through a reward that is optimally adjusted to the respective dog and the species-appropriate consistency to not let undesired behavior of the dog be successful.

The main focus of the Dog School Jacobs in Sankt Augustin is to develop an individual training pattern for each dog to find the key to the respective dog. The reward or treat can be different for every dog and it is therefore important to find out the best working factor for motivating the dog to strengthen the human-dog bond as best as possible.

As an example if the dog owner wants the dog to come back and calls the dog, it will ponder on what is more worthwhile: Is it better to run back to the owner or is it nicer to just run over to the next dog to play? The Teamtraining Hund & Mensch will help you so that you and your dog will appreciate the time together so much that the dog will not care about the next rabbit and stay with you.

With the help of Teamtraining Hund & Mensch dog owner are professionally trained to understand their dogs, their language and behavior and to be able to make the dog understand what the owner wants in order to build a perfect human-dog team.

What the Dog School Jacobs in Sankt Augustin offers:

  • Modern dog training
  • A relaxed and cordial work atmosphere
  • A for you and your dog individually designed training program
  • Learning methods with a lot of motivation as well as species-appropriate consistency
  • Everyday life training in the forest, next to water, in central markets, public transportation, in the city and in cafes
  • Effective group sizes with limited participants
  • Ideal group placements according to breed and size of the dog
  • A course program rich in variety
  • Collective hikes and theme days
  • Time wise flexible training hours